Théa Open Innovation has just signed a license and collaboration agreement for the OLX301A programme, an innovative new treatment for wet and dry age-related macular degeneration, with OliX Pharmaceuticals, a clinical stage pharmaceutical company which develops treatments for retinal vascular diseases in particular.

Théa Open Innovation is the new Laboratoires Théa entity which aims to identify, evaluate and develop new innovative solutions designed by both universities and certain research teams and likely to contribute to the development of new treatments for eye diseases.

Through licensing agreements and / or shareholdings, this new entity plans to offer:

  • its expertise in ophthalmology development and the funding these partners require to conduct proof of concept in humans

  • its ability to manage the regulatory phases of product development and marketing.

Thanks to Théa Open Innovation, small and medium-sized companies, young innovative companies, researchers and universities will from now on be able to join forces with Théa Open Innovation to offer tomorrow’s solutions to patients and health practitioners.

Managed by Henri and Jean-Frédéric Chibret, Laboratoires Théa is a major player in ophthalmology, with a presence in 75 countries around the world, more than 31 subsidiaries and a turnover of over €600 million.

OliX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a Korean clinical stage pharmaceutical company with cp-asiRNA platform technology, an RNAi platform optimal for the development of ocular therapeutics, which can circumvent potential side effects arising from the existing siRNA technology.