For a unique therapeutic solution in the treatment of myopia progression in children.

On January 26, Théa and Nevakar, a US-based company, entered into an exclusive licensing agreement for the commercialization of Nevakar’s NVK-002 program in Europe (including Russia and Turkey), Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia.

NVK-002 is a preservative-free, low-dose atropine chronic reatment developed to slow down the progression of myopia in young children – the end goal is to avoid the consequences associated with pathologic myopia, such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, etc…

As a matter of fact, myopia has become a huge burden worldwide, and the international scientific community agrees that low-dose atropine is an effective therapeutic approach.

NVK-002 is currently in Phase 3 trials (both in Europe and in the US), and we expect the first commercial sales in Europe in 2025.

Compared to its competitor programs, NVK-002 has several advantages, including being well ahead of them in terms of timing, and being a preservative-free treatment.

Théa would be the first company to provide health professionals with an approved pharmacological treatment to help curing the myopia “epidemy”.

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